Sugar mills donate 917 kits and supplies for health workers to protect themselves from COVID-19

Published: 08/20/2020

Sugar mills donate 917 kits and supplies for health workers to protect themselves from COVID-19

The Guatemalan Sugar Industry through its Sugar Foundation –Fundazucar– show solidarity with Guatemalans in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and donate 917 kits for workers at health centers in the South of Guatemala, which consist of 4 masks KN95, 2 gowns, 3 pairs of gloves and 1 face mask.

The sugar mills will also donate 94 gallons of antibacterial gel soap and 96 gallons of alcohol to health posts. In the same way, 152 gallons of alcohol will be donated to 17 municipalities.

Additionally, disposable paper towels will be donated to 48 health services in the 5 departments.

These supplies will allow health workers to carry out their tasks more safely and can better prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Faced with the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the Guatemalan Sugar Industry have shown solidarity with Guatemalan families by making contributions to support the efforts of the Government, which includes the donation of Q7.64 million for the equipment of the Hospital that is installed in the South of the country and the usufruct of the land of 10,000 square meters for its installation at kilometer 92 of the CA-2 in Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa.

Also, the donation of 35 mechanical respirator for intensive care that will be given to the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance -MSPAS- to save the lives of patients with COVID-19. This respirator was developed in the heart of the Guatemalan Sugar Industry, in La Union Sugar Mill workshops, by Eng. Edwin Delgado.

In the same way, the Guatemalan Sugar Industry made available to the Government of Guatemala 110,251 pounds of sugar fortified with vitamin A, which were included in the kit of food, which the Government delivered to thousands of families in vulnerable situations.

Also as part of the changes brought about by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Fundazúcar has adapted social programs and focused its work on training municipal workers, sanitation workers and community leaders, key actors in the prevention of COVID-19 and to promote local development processes.


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